New Equipment Penetrant waste carbon filtration system

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NewGen NDT filtration system provides clean purification of waste penetrant materials from the water allowing discharge straight to the waste drain.

The Granular Activated Carbon filters the chemicals which are produced by penetrant material and allows the wastewater to be environmentally safe to be disposed down a waste drain (Subject to local water authority regulations). No more having to pay a waste treatment company to treat the waste penetrant materials resulting in cost savings by easily treating waste in house and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

The system is fitted with granular activated carbon which is perfect for easy removal and provides a user-friendly process for the operator(s) to remove and replace with new.

The filtration systems can also provide clean purification for many general metal finishing and aerospace related processes.

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Spectro line OPTIMAX 365 UV-A LED inspection Flashlight


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Used Spectro line uVision 365 High intensity LED inspection lamps


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Used MPI Test Piece-TP 1


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New Calibrated Timers.


Timers are magnetic & come with complaint NADCAP calibration certification.

Loud and long alarm.

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Used 2 x100ml ASTM centrifuge flasks both with stands.


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Used Magnaflux ZB 100F mercury UV-A light.


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Used MPI Test Piece-TP 4 complaint with RPS 700.


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Used NDT equipment offers cost effect solutions via offering high quality used NDT equipment. We have over 40 years combined experience in NDT & are professional, polite & always willing to support our customers in all their NDT needs.

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