The UVEE is the world’s first Intelligently controlled portable, hand-held UV Lamp for fluorescent non-destructive testing applications like fluorescent penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspections.

Total compliance with: • Rolls Royce RRES90061 • Airbus AITM6-1001 • ASTM E3022

UVee family consists of Three products.

The UVee Beam @ RRP £1200 – can operate continuously for 27hrs, stabilisation time is <3s

The UVee Big Beam Big Beam RRP @£1500 – can operate continuously for 9hrs, stabilisation time is <3s, the Big Beam is 56% wider and 44% wider than competitor’s products.

The UVee White White RRP @£1200 – has both UV and white light, which can be toggled for when the operator needs to mark an area etc.

Every unit is supplied with a manufacturer’s certificate of conformance for use with fluorescent liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing.

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Used Hall effect meterModel: MP 2000 meter


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Used MPI Test Piece-TP 1


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Used MPI Test Piece-TP 4 complaint with RPS 700.


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Used Magnaflux ZB 100F mercury UV-A light.


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New Calibrated Timers.


Timers are magnetic & come with complaint NADCAP calibration certification.

Loud and long alarm.

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Used 2 x100ml ASTM centrifuge flasks both with stands.


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